The protection of the confidentiality of the user's personal data is guaranteed by the Ex-Lime limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Visitors can view most of the pages of the website without providing any information about themselves. However, we may need your personal data in order to provide some services or to place an order. This information is not disclosed. We bring to your attention the principles of confidentiality, explaining how data are collected and used, which are reported by visitors to the Company's website in these cases. By accessing the Company's website, the user consents to the application of the rules for the collection and use of the data set out in this document.

Links to websites of other companies

For the convenience and improvement of user awareness, the Company's websites may contain links to the websites of other companies. When you go to another site using any of these links, you will leave the Company's website. The Company does not operate these websites and does not control their privacy practices, which may differ from those of the Company’s website. We do not give any estimates and do not make statements about the websites of other companies. Personal information that you provide to other companies is not subject to the Company's Privacy Statement. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of other companies before giving them information about yourself. Some companies may communicate their personal information to users of the Company;

Types of information collected

This Statement of the Company on the protection of confidentiality determines the rules for working with personal data, non-personal information and the procedure for compiling summary data based on both types of information. Personal information is information about the facts, events, and circumstances of a citizen’s private life, allowing him to be identified, with the exception of information that is subject to dissemination in the media in cases established by federal laws. Such information includes: your data on the quantity, cost, time and order of your orders for products or services of the Company, taking part in the competition, participation in other events held by the Company, information on participation in advertising campaigns of the Company, subscription to informational materials or materials Company support services, information about your registration on the Company's websites (except for non-personal data), such as usernames and passwords, business or home address and telephone number, information about the user's bank card. The company uses this information to better understand your needs and interests and to improve the quality of service. If you give us personal information, you can be sure that they will be used by the Company only for providing services and fulfilling an order. We understand the importance of personal data, therefore we guarantee that the information will not be sold or transferred to third parties, except for cases provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We may ask you to provide information about your personal or professional interests. report your demographics and degree of familiarity with our products and services. Reporting this information is optional. Non-personal information is data about the use of various services and work with them, not tied to a specific person. Most non-personal information is collected using cookies or other analysis technologies. The Company's web pages use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to analyze data and make settings in accordance with user preferences. Most non-personal information is collected using cookies or other analysis technologies. The Company's web pages use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to analyze data and make settings in accordance with user preferences. Most non-personal information is collected using cookies or other analysis technologies. The Company's web pages use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to analyze data and make settings in accordance with user preferences.

Children's privacy

The company takes seriously the protection of information about children, and we strongly encourage parents and guardians to take an active part in the work of their children on the Internet and know their interests in this area. The Company does not specifically collect information received from children under the age of 16, and does not orient the content of the Company's websites to children under this age.

Use of your information

The company uses all of the above information to better understand your needs, interests and improve the quality of service. In particular, we use this information to help you carry out banking operations or place an order, keep in touch with you, provide services and technical support, notify you about changes in the work of services and profitable innovations, as well as customize the distribution of promotional offers and the type of sites in according to your preference. The user's personal information can be used to provide him with valuable information about the product or service used, including important updates and notifications. In addition, with the user's permission, he may be sent information about other products and services of the Company’s company. Personal information of the user, also with his permission, can be transferred to partners of the company so that they can inform the user about their products and services. Information on a bank card, accounts in payment services and other financial information is used only for payment processing and fraud protection. The financial service providers and the Company do not use this information for any other purpose; after the provision of the corresponding service, this data is deleted. Information that is not personal is collected for statistics on the use of the Company's website, its performance and effectiveness. They are used to improve customer service, simplify work with the site and improve its materials. If the user subscribes to the newsletter by e-mail or agrees to receive advertising materials by mail, Special links or similar technologies may be used at the Company Web site to track links that a user selects in email messages. This information can be compared with the personal information of the user in order to ensure the delivery of messages and materials to more specific topics. Each email includes a link that allows you to unsubscribe from this type of distribution.

Access to your information

The company will not sell your personal information to third parties or otherwise transmit it. Companies will transfer your personal information to other companies only if it is necessary to provide the products or services you require. The Company has the right to disclose personal information if such action is required by law or is based on a conscientious belief that it is necessary in the following cases: a) in compliance with legal requirements or judicial decisions regarding the Company’s company or the Company's Web site; b) to protect the rights or property of the company of the Company; c) in emergency situations to protect the personal safety of the Company's employees. A Company Company may merge with other commercial structures or may be acquired by them, or all or some of the Company's assets may be acquired.


The company provides you with the opportunity to receive a variety of information that is in addition to its products and services. You can subscribe to information on certain products and services and all marketing information of the Company. Company marketing information may include new product information, special offers or invitations to participate in marketing research. At your choice, marketing materials of the Company can be delivered by mail, e-mail, as well as by telephone (mobile communication) and fax. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

Access to your information and its accuracy

The company makes every effort to ensure the current status of your information. Uses certain technologies, management processes and rules. You will be given access to your information, including all possible efforts will be made to ensure that you can access the data and change it via the Internet (for example, through the user's Personal Account). To protect your privacy and ensure security, the Company also makes every effort to authenticate your identity, for example, a password and user ID are required for access. Through the use of passwords and other means of verifying the identity of a company, a Company may restrict access to certain web pages.

Information security

The company is concerned about protecting the information you provide. The Company uses appropriate physical and administrative procedures to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of your information, to ensure its accuracy and proper use. Personal information provided by users is stored on servers with limited access located in protected premises. According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152 “On Personal Data”, a company bears full legal responsibility for the safety of information.

Monitoring compliance with the rules of this application

For all questions related to this application, please contact the Company's website or contact information provided at the end of this application.

Modification of this Statement

This Privacy Statement is subject to change. Each such change also changes the update date indicated at the end of the Application. The user is notified of the most significant changes in the personal section or by e-mail. It is recommended that you periodically review this application for the latest information on the protection of personal information collected. Continued use of the Company's website constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Statement and all of its updates.